7 Easy Valentine’s Day 2023 Ideas You’ll Love

Valentine’s Day is usually a couples affair. But there’s a great antidote to all the PDA that often makes couples and singles alike love this day. From a Valentines night private party with just you and your significant other, to even a get together with your best friends, it’s a day to feel and enjoy love. With valentine’s day, even the youngsters enjoy the soirée for their class card swapping among boys and girls. There are so many reasons to get your favorite people together to enjoy 2021 Valentine’s Day.

With the current Covid19 pandemic, you need to find the most creative activities to make the most of that lovely day. Not to worry, we’ve got Valentine’s Day inspirations just waiting for you to have your friends, family and significant other feel the love.

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Rom-Com Movie Night

Kick the party off with a marathon of your favorite romance-comedy flicks; your friends will be sure to thank you. Nothing goes quite as good with Valentine’s than movies that make you laugh, cry, go “aww” and everything in between. Don’t forget to throw some iconic movie snacks into the fray, like popcorn, marshmallows, candy and chocolates to binge on. The taste of chardonnay will make the night even more special.

Game Night

Have a Game Night! All you’ve got to do is group up your friends in teams or pairs and set out a few engaging, easy and fun activities that bring everyone together. Or you can play matchmaker. Challenge your friends in pairing up celebrity couples and best friends – the good, bad and ugly all included.

High Tea

Valentine’s Day can be a casual and comfy event for all class and etiquette. If you’re looking to be more on the bougie side this year, why not invite your friends and family for High Tea? Go for the classics, mini sandwiches, scones, pastries and of course, teas of every variety and depth. Don’t forget to give your table that romantic flare with gorgeous flowers, lace, candles and the treasury of romance decor Valentines has to offer.

Spa Party

Maybe it’s just a get together for you and your girls? Why not plan a Valentine’s themed spa day complete with manicures, pedicures and mask galore? Instead of running around most of the day, spend time treating yourself and your friends with all the splurging you otherwise missed out on.

Valentine’s Day Brunch

If you’ve got a party with your friends, who needs a fancy restaurant where you eat way less than you pay for? If you’ve got a bar cart on hand or some extra tools in the kitchen, go for a DIY mimosa brunch with friends and family.

If you’re more on the cozy side of things, set up a hot chocolate station and have your guests sipping at their own personal hot cocoa mixes. Lastly, why not bring the Christmas cookie swap to Valentine’s? Let each person bring their favorite cookies to your party to mix and match. You’ll find yourself bonding more with your guests, all over sweet, crumbly treats.

Glittered Votives

Not just a New Years DIY, but any time of the year. Try your hands at some sparkly glitter votives decked out in reds, whites and pinks that’ll look fantastic around the house way after Valentines. Have your guests join in on a fun, memory-making activity, so long as you can stand the glitter bombing.

Couples Only

And for that smitten couple that wants to be alone – Just the two together – Red roses, sexy lingerie, chocolate, dinner by candlelight, and some chilled red, or white wine should set the mood for the next phase. Sexy Romance!