iPhone 13 – The iFold – Apple’s New Look

Apple’s Rumored Flip Foldable CellPhone

Apple fold-able iPhone? Accordingly this may soon become a fast reality, perhaps for its 2021 release later this year. Finally rumors has it that the tech company is already working on its newest tech gadget: The iPhone Flip. Bloomberg let the cat out of the bag by reporting that the Apple brand allegedly developed prototypes of a folding screen iPhone. And while the company is doing internal test, the design is still being worked on.

Surely, Apple will have to conduct many tests internally, so the wait continues for now. Apple’s finalized design of an iPhone Flip might take years before it gets into the hands of consumers. 

The iPhone Flip rumors have been churning hot on the rumor mill for a long time now. However, interal deliberations continues to fuel the fire that tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for its reality. The latest report is that Apple have tinkered with quite a few foldable screen sizes. However, most of the rumored data states that the most suitable one so far could boasts a similar size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s that has a 6.7-inch display.

Words on the street is that Apple could be ripping off a quite familiar design, which is specifically close to that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The Samsung folding clamshell smartphone when opened expands to a typical size android phone. However, when folded, its compact form becomes half its size. 

iPhone 13 release date

For now, the iPhone Flip or the foldable iPhone, whatever Apple chose to call its latest invention is still a far way from reality. And it could also be that the iPhone Flip may never make it to the tech market, and if it does, it is very unlikely to upend the already popular older iPhone models. As customary Apple usually release its newest products between September and November of each year.

The iPhone 13 – What to Expect?

For now, the big question iPhone lovers are asking – Is what changes should they expect in the iPhone 13? Not much, according to Bloomberg, it is expected to be similar to iPhone 12 released in 2020. However, the reports states one minor improvement could be an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

The reason for the fingerprint sensor is obvious: It could be that Covid19 plays a role in that decision, face masks blocks Face ID authentication capabilities. iPhone owners, with this addition will be relieved having a much faster access to their phones. This no doubt remedy the issue of the waiting to enter a passcode after along wait after many facial authentication fails.

The in-screen fingerprint sensor would eliminate the iPhone flagship that exclusively replicates the 2017, iPhone X model with Face ID. 

The iPhone 13 improvement could pack a whole different experience for its loyal customers. Apple could ditch the Lightning port where to recharge this phone the wireless MagSafe tech would be used, per Bloomberg.

Now this move has peak curosity, it could leave a bunch of frustrated consumers extremely angry. A better choice that Apple’s customers would hope for is the USB-C, which the iPad Pro line introduced several years ago.