Testing for Corona Virus in 2023

Buy Online FDA Approved COVID-19 Home Test Kit

HOME TEST FOR SARS-CoV-2 VIRUS DETECTION – FDA APPROVED – Whether you are asymptomatic or symptomatic, you would want to know if you are a silent carrier of the deadly Coronavirus. With the new strains of corona virus found in a few USA states, the UK and South Africa, you want to protect yourself, even more. Now it is possible to test yourself and your family in the comfort of your home. With the FDA approval, you can use the Covid19 test kit that offers an easy non-invasive method of testing. It is very easy to use right in your home.

To know know your status, especially if you are having flu like symptoms, you could do a quick saliva test to ascertain if you have contracted COVID-19. This test kit could save your life as it can detect genetic viral matter in your saliva. And while it will not detect any antibodies or confirm the immunity, it is great to have on hand during this Coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus has killed 1,882,986 people globally, so far, as of January 6, 2021.

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The kit has everything you need to do your sample collection. You will need just a small amount of saliva to do the testing. That’s it! You will not have to worry about an uncomfortable nasal swab, or waiting in long lines to get tested. Especially, when you are experiencing flu like symptoms, or even be around people that are showing signs of the flu. What’s even better, you can also do your registration along with your sample collection from the privacy of your home or office.


Get your result back quickly with the Prepaid express return shipping label that comes with the test kit package. Results are available within 24 to 72 hours from the testing laboratory. Refund policy: You must used the kit within 60 days of purchasing; it’s not returnable for health reason. However, refunds are available if the physician’s prescription is not authorized due to emergency warning symptoms at sample registration. Also, if the shipment or the testing process is faulty.


The online registration info and physician authorization process will be inside the kit. You must register your samples into the portal provided at my.dxterity.com. Next step is to drop off the return kit at a FedEx collection location, before the last express pick-up Monday thru Saturday.


A fact sheet with the patient’s info and official lab report will be available online; it’s downloadable and serve as proof of your Covid18 test result. DxTerity developed this Covid19 test, and each sample is processed at their CLIA-Certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), and CAP Accredited (College of American Pathologists) laboratory.