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11 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

Best new year’s resolutions tips for your list

1. Love more – Give it freely!

it’s such a beautiful thing to give and receive love. Show love to everyone around you, even those who tried to be ugly to you. Love is free, and it makes the world such a lovelier place, if everyone would show more love to people around them. Imagine a world where everyone gives love without any attached strings. It would create a world without war and strife. Love is a beautiful thing!

2. Work from home – Online business

The bills must be paid – Despite the lock down caused by the coronavirus pandemic. What if Covid19 continues to wreak havoc even into the next new year? Now is the time to get together with your family and start an online business. Your greatest fear right now is to get evicted from your home.

Corona’s rude entrance into our lives has left many people unemployed or with limited income. And with the outlook of light at the end of this dark tunnel getting dimmer each day, you have to find creative ways to help you through the tough times. Check out easy online business ideas you can start right now.

3. Lose weight – Look darn good

if you are overweight or want to shed a few excess pounds, now is the time to start your weight loss journey. You can hit the gym, but then there is Covid19, so why not jump on YouTube, find some exercise videos, and get busy. You could even start your channel and share the fun with your friends and relatives.

If you are not up to doing strenuous weight loss activities, you could change your diet and lower the calories. Low caloric intake helps your body burn more calories than your ingested amount, and that is the best way to lose weight. Try some appetite suppressants from Amazon or other online marketplace. You could even lose weight while you sleep with night time fat burners that have excellent reviews on Amazon.

4. Exercise more – Be healthy

You want to look your best for the next new years party – Don’t you? Well, get up off that sofa and start some family-friendly activities that you and your family can enjoy together. You could go strolling around your neighborhood; the beautiful scenes in the evenings are breathtaking. Go jogging with a partner or your entire family, and remember to wear your mask and stay at least 6ft apart.

Start a virtual dance group where even your friends and relatives can join in. Everything has gone virtual thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that has been the news story since 2020. Covid19 forces us to adapt to changes; it makes us find virtual ways to stay in touch and do fun things with everyone.

5. Quit Smoking – Stay away from Lung Cancer

Now is the best time to start, especially with the Coronavirus restricting our daily movements. Your nicotine craving is your closest companion. It is a close friend that has been with you for many years, even decades. But you know it’s a bad habit – One that you should drop quickly like an abusive relationship.

It is easy to quit smoking if determination is in your mindset. Online platforms such as Amazon and eBay have nicotine products that will help lessen your craving. You could use products geared at stemming your nicotine addiction; instead of puffing on a pack of cigarettes daily. Oh yea, it is fun now, you just cannot live without it – Will it be good news with a positive lung cancer diagnosis?

6. Alcoholism kills – Don’t ruin innocent lives

Starting January 1, your new year’s resolutions meant 365 days to accomplish most of your goals; it is like getting a new lease on life. Think of it as a second chance if you did not accomplish everything last year. If alcoholism is your problem, you can tame that tiger too, but you have to make that concerted effort to stop. In reality, you are only destroying your body, the only one you have.

Alcoholism is like giving yourself an early ticket to your grave; it will eventually consume you. That habit could impact an innocent person; if you get behind the wheels while intoxicated and kill another human being. Before you drink and drive…..Just think or a minute about the excruciating pain you are about to inflict on another person’s family.

Do you want to end up in prison on a vehicular manslaughter charge? What if you were driving under the influence of alcohol, and died in a car accident? Yes, you would be dead, and your family left with the gift of a heavy burden- Grief!

7. Start a healthy lifestyle – It’s your priority

Your health is your priority – Treat your body well! If you haven’t been to the doctor in ages, it is time to get your physical done. Pick up the phone and make an appointment with your doctor to get a complete medical. Eat more organic foods, vegetables, fruits, and nuts, just what your body needs to be healthy.

Take a daily vitamin supplement to enhance your stamina and vitality. Nourish your body by creating a lifestyle filled with healthy products. If you feed your body well on the inside, it will show on the outside.

8. Enhance your beauty – Get that youthful glow

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – So, you want to look your best at all times. Avoid things that make you look older than your age; alcohol and smoking. Use anti-aging products on your face to keep that youthful glow.

Drink plenty water – 8 glasses recommended per the health gurus. However, if eight is unreachable, at least try to drink four glasses of water per day. Water is free – utilize it freely to hydrate your skin and flush harmful toxin from your body.

9. Get out of debt – Eliminate stress

Seriously, you do not need 10 different credit cards in your wallet. Every single bank that advertises on television doesn’t have to find a home in your wallet. The more you have, the more indebted you will be. Cut up those burdensome credit cards – you only need one with a low-interest rate to use sparingly for emergencies.

Try the debit card or cash approaches; you will find that these methods will get you out of debt faster. If you do not have the cash at hand to purchase something, you do not need it.  For this new year – Stay penny wise and pound foolish!

10. Coronavirus safety – Help save lives

Do all you can to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially the elderly and those with underlying illnesses. The covid19 virus is no joke; it is like a deadly heart attack. Wear your mask when out doing errands, wash and sanitize your hands frequently. Keep your space sanitized and clean everything often with bleach, especially your bathroom and kitchen areas.

Think virtually to keep in contact with your relatives across the pond and friends. Social media platforms and Skype can afford you that virtual space, and the new kid on the block – Zoom

11. Best new year’s resolutions

A new years resolutions list will have all the things you must work to accomplish in the new year. If you cannot do everything on your list at least make an effort. Success comes through hard work, try to accomplish at least half of your list. You can work on the others later – But you must work to achieve your New year’s resolutions – Seriously!

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