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How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Work By Sticking To Your Plans

How to make good new year’s resolutions

It is that time again – A new year! Hurray, it is now a new – And we all hope it will be a better year than the last . Speaking of hoping for a much better year for the fast-approaching year : this past has been a banger. It has been a devastating year for the entire world. Fear have dominate the world , the illegal war that Russia launched against Ukraine rages on for two years. A second war between Israel and Hamas on the Gaza strip in Palestine. And the Covid-19 pandemic got us all shuddering behind closed doors.

Top 10 new year’s resolutions

No doubt, Corona crept upon us and tore our world apart, leaving millions of people around the globe dead. But with everything spiraling out of control around us – you can still execute your new year’s goal, and achieve awesome results.

1. New year’s resolutions – Be thankful

Thank our mighty God for granting grace. Oh yeah! You’ve made it to the new year. And yes, that vicious Covid19 virus wreaked havoc on our lives and changed our lives forever. Staying indoors had helped most of us survive the pandemic, but left our finances in shambles.

2. Start an exercise routine to whip your body into shape

Avoiding coming face to face with people because of the devastating Corona virus, must have let you packed on quite a few pounds – Or truthfully, quite a lot of excess body fat. With all the stressful events around us, there is not much most of us have done but to stay indoors, watch television, and order our foods online. For now, our dearest exercise routine involves raiding the refrigerator and eating our way to oblivion.

Social distancing has prevented us from getting up and going for walks in the parks or do daily exercise routines like going jogging with our friends and partners. The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused countless businesses to close their doors to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

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3. Lose excess weight for a healthy life

Many people are still trying to lose the weight time gain because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, now you can do outdoor and indoor exercise activities to help keep in shape and easily  shed excess body fat.There are 365 days in a calendar year; if you do not have a planning calendar get one. They are great yearly keepsakes, especially one of the awe-inspiring Thomas Kinkade calendars. This current year is over, dusted and done; it is time to move on to the new year . Hurray for a new year and a new resolution that you must try your hardest to accomplish. It starts all over again tomorrow – January 1st!

4. Start online business – Work from home

Most people want to find employment since many of us have lost our jobs since Corona rudely invaded our private space. Work from home is the new way to go in this digital era that has changed our lives for the better. Start selling on eBay or Amazon – Look around your home for things your family doesn’t use anymore and hawk them on any of the top two eCommerce platforms.

You don’t even need products to start selling online – You just need to find a good drop shipper that can ship the items out to your customers for you.

5. YouTube can bring a steady monthly check

Your hobby can earn lots of money on YouTube, and since you are home doing nothing, why not start your channel? You could start a cooking channel, share your delicious meals with the world.

How about a gardening channel? Do you enjoy the outdoors – and have memorable videos you could share. Love to sew, repair or make useful things? Hone your passion – There is a niche for everything.

With no where to go during the Coronavirus lock down, get creative – Earn from your hobbies.

Do you have cute or funny pets. Start a channel showing your pets off. With animal videos, once your channel gets monetized Google will advertise companies that sells animal products on your videos.

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6. Comedy brings therapeutic happiness

Has anyone ever told you that your jokes are funny? Yes! Well, a comedy channel with your family can get lots of views. Are you a fashionista? Share your wardrobe and makeup tutorials – Inspire the world with your beautiful self.

7. Quit smoking – It is easy

That’s if you really want to get rid of that bad habit. Amazon has numerous products that can curb your nicotine crave. You must start at some point – Why not now – 2021?

8. Alcoholism ruins lives – Stop now

Start with a clean slate; 2021 new year’s has 365 days to achieve your resolutions goal. You have been blessed with a second chance to accomplish everything that you did not achieve in 2020 or 2019. If you’re an alcoholic, you have a huge problem. However, you have the power to get rid of that bad habit with a concerted effort. Let the new year help you stop destroying your body, and the lives of the people you cherished; your family and friends.

9. Make a daily plan and follow it

Get your planning calendar out and list all you want to accomplish each day of the new year. Yes, it is 365 days, a whole lot of days, but even if you missed working on one of your resolution wishes, it is quite okay. Just make sure that you’ve accomplished at least three-quarters of what is on your list.

Most people want to lose weight and stay healthy; nothing stops you – Not even the wretched Coronavirus. Virtual space has become the norm for all of us these days, so get online and start your daily exercise routine. YouTube has loads of exercise videos that you can use to work on some critical areas where you want to lose weight the most.

Whatever your new year’s resolutions are, you can accomplish them. If you are an alcoholic and would like to stop, then you can start working on that right from the comfort of your home. So, why not start your journey to rid your self of your alcoholic disease.

10. Achieve your new year’s resolutions – work hard

It is up to you to still accomplish all you set out to do on your new year’s resolutions list.

Love like you’ve never loved before

Do things you’ve never done before – Find a new hobby .

Make the most of your family and loved ones.

Embrace everyone that is close to you. Protect each other.

And stay safe for all the 365 days that come in this brand new wonderful year.

Travel to new places locally in your country or take vacations to explore other places abroad.

Life is worth living – Create and stick to your new year resolution – Achieve your goal!

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