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Virgin Hair Weaves – Is It Healthy To Wear in 2023?

About Virgin Hair History

Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair are now the most popular hair used in weaves and wigs. These virgin hair extensions are 100% unprocessed human hair. The wearing of hair weaves now quite trendy, especially for individuals wanting to add more fullness to their hairstyles. 

The new trend has extended across the globe to almost every woman, even Hollywood celebrities. Except for those who opt for wearing their natural hair.

Virgin hair extensions add extra body if your hair is thinning. Also, you can wear these hair weaves to protect your natural hair from heat damages as well as harmful hair dyes.

Hair extension is real human hair gathered from one individual or sometimes from more than one donors. The hair is cut from the donor’s head and then collected into large bales. The process of removing unacceptable strands and grays is the next step before it is ready for the end consumers.

A process called steaming applied to the virgin hair extensions helps to achieve different textures in the hair. Some of the most popular virgin hair textures are; curly or deep wave, straight textured, and loose wavy. Also, the body wave, which is the most sought texture of virgin hair weaves.

Wholesale virgin hair dealers purchased large quantities at hair auctions. The processed hair bundles bought by hair wholesalers are sold to retailers, and are now ready to be sold to consumers.

The hair collected is usually tied in small bundles of 3.5 ounces or 100 grams each. It is kept securely in plastic packages and delivered to customers.

Some of the most popular hair on the market are from ladies in the South American locale. India is also another popular hair harvesting location. The human hair industry is a thriving business where individuals accept money for their well-groomed hair.

Virgin hair wigs for Cancer patients

The hair collected is used in the making of wigs, especially for cancer patients. Women with Alopecia areata have also used human hair extension to remedy their hair-loss issue.

They are also popularly used for toupee worn by men with hair loss problems. So, one of the healthy factors of wearing hair weaves is that it is the best choice for those who have lost their hair due to illnesses.

For beautification purposes, hair extensions add body and fullness to people that want a fuller body of hair.  

About different Grades Hair Weaves

Virgin human hair extensions are available in different grades. The higher graded hair bundles are better quality and the more expensive hair. Hair extension grades ranged from 3A-7A when it became popular around 2009. If you are looking for hair weaves that you do not intend to keep for a long time, then the lower Grades are ideal and are more cost-effective. 

The higher Grades that now dominate the hair extension markets are grade 7A-9A. These are considered premium quality hair that will last well over a year. Yes, these are more expensive and will cost you a pretty penny. For the best hair that is way more beautiful, it does cost a bit more.

However, in the long run, you will save money on purchasing higher Grades. You can rewash and re-installed more than once. High dollar hair will last anywhere from a year and even up to two years.


And yes, virgin hair is healthy to wear, especially for people that have lost their hair due to illnesses such as alopecia and cancer. Most wigs that are available for sale are made from Virgin hair wefts. They are suitable for people who just want a stylish hairdo, and for individuals with illness related hair loss.

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