Dietary Issues CBD Benefits on Anorexia

Dietary issues that arise from anorexia are widely viewed as a ‘teenaged sickness’, however, it is wise to bring to light that almost 80% of deaths caused by anorexia happen among people who are elderly. Teenagers and young adults oftentimes are stereotype as those who would most likely avoid eating because of peer pressure to have and maintain that ideal hourglass figure.

But for many elderly people, once their body starts aging, they become unhappy with all the pains and other ailments that old age has afforded them. Also, numerous older citizens are not only thrown in a state of unhappiness, most do not have anyone to care for them and make sure that they are getting the right and adequate nutrition in their diets.

Oftentimes, eating disorders that caused anorexia in people are that they have little to no appetite. Because of other factors, they do not have a craving to eat anything. This poor dietary pattern can over time become a fatal affliction. Cannabis from many clinical studies since the turn of the millennium has shown that it might assist seniors and young people, who are struggling with eating disorders. In that, Cannabis that contains Cbd will prevent serious reduction in their weight by expanding their craving for foods.

What Causes Teens Eating Disorders

Eating disorders involve tenacious practices that sway a person to become obsessed with gaining weight. They are identified as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. 

Teenagers are victims of eating disorders because of the hormonal changes that their bodies experienced as they grow into adults. Puberty coupled with social pressure is the two main factors that cause anorexia. 

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