Is CBD the Cure for PTSD?

Cbd products soothe the body and relax the muscles as it works to alleviate symptoms that cause stress. CBD is a lawful product derived from the Marijuana Cannabis plant. CBD items, by law, must contain under 0.3% THC for it to be a legitimate product. However, while it may be a legal product in some USA states, in others it is illegal in other American states.

A 2019 clinical survey on cannabinoids treatment for PTSD reveals the usefulness of CBD on the health issue that affects 10 percent of the population. And while the study is quite promising, researchers are encouraged to further investigate the security and viability of Cbd treatment on PTSD.

Some clinical researchers have also touted CBD products should be given to someone, who experience trauma following an awful accident may. The reasoning behind this suggestion is that early ingestion of Cbd products will prevent the mind from mapping the incident and then recollects the incident later with the onset of PTSD.

In addition, memory loss usually occurs after a debilitating incident, that can affect anxiety and the process to remember, thus, anxiety and stress sets in and are known to be the catalysts for PTSD.

A study done in 2016, demonstrated that medications created using the endocannabinoid framework might decrease the side effects of PTSD, usually encountered by patients. The endocannabinoid system contains CBD receptors that can aid memory loss.

Aversive memory extinction is similar to the symptoms of PTSD, it means the complete termination of one’s memory. This is an interactive treatment that is done with the guidance of a trained therapist. An individual that receives this specialized treatment encounters comparable circumstances of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but without the associated trauma, which causes the PTSD patient memory loss.

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