Can CBD Oil Cure Diabetes?

Diabetes is an illness caused by excessive blood sugar in the body. Too much in the bloodstream creates problems like kidney disease, heart attack, and vision loss. There is no known cure for diabetes, however, Cannabidiol (CBD) oil in the marijuana plant Cannabis Sativa has been medically linked to several illnesses. Cbd has clinical tests done that highlight its therapeutic healing potential. It has been associated with having benefits on diabetes.

CBD oil and diabetes Care

CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory agent for diabetic health problems; its properties show that it works to reduce inflammation in the body and the meantime improve and control glucose in the bloodstream. 

Researchers have found CBD oil can ease diabetes symptoms. Promising results have been witnessed in many studies. However, some argue it is too early to conclude as research is still limited.

The ongoing research is looking into whether type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be treated or at least the risks can be reduced. Studies conducted in humans and animals have looked into the effects on blood sugar, insulin, inflammation, and associated complications like pain with diabetic neuropathy.

Even though there is no clinical trial available to test whether the oil can lower the diabetes development risk in humans, but a study published in Autoimmunity journal concluded that nonobese diabetic mice had a lower risk of developing diabetes when treated with CBD.

CBD Side Effects

According to various studies, CBD can help in reducing adverse effects of THC like sedation and intoxication. However, high doses are required here. Cannabidiol is well tolerated but may cause changes in appetite, changes in weight, poor sleep quality, insomnia, sleepiness, diarrhea, or tiredness.

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