CBD Oil Prevents Glaucoma Blindness

Glaucoma is the known catalyst of blindness; it mainly affects people over 60. This disease is known to damage the eyes optic nerve and deteriorate its vision. With glaucoma, there is abnormally high pressure exerted on the eyes.

Glaucoma is a global health problem, where it affects over 11 million individuals around the globe. The most damaging effect is that when it is combined with a cataract it usually leads to blindness.

Age plays a major factor in the development of Glaucoma and cataract. As we get older, our vision will deteriorate due to age-related cloudiness or opaque eye lens. The optic nerve is the main recipient of this optic neuropathy disease, which over time will damage the eyes’ retina, and cause blindness

Traditional treatments that are used to treat Glaucoma include prescribed eye drops, but this will not do enough to alleviate the problem, as it can only clear excess fluid from the eyes to reduce the internal pressure.

Glaucoma Blindness CBD Natural Treatment

The eyes are delicate members of the human body, therefore the pain associated with Glaucoma needs careful treatment. Without proper treatment, it can lead to peripheral vision loss or partial blindness.

Patients diagnosed with this disorder experience a painful condition, which regular medications are often prescribed to ease the pain. However, a more natural holistic approach involves the use of Cannabis CBD extract that can better reduce the pain and provide much needed relief.

Some glaucoma patients reported that they have experienced nausea, and visual hallucinations when using prescribed medication to control the intraocular pressure exerted on their eyes. With the use of CBD oil products, the side effects of medications can be avoided, because it is an organic health product that is derived from the Marijuana Cannabis plant.

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