Can CBD Oil Help Chronic Pain?

A severe injury from an accident can leave a person suffering for even longer than six months from chronic pain. This excruciating feeling can even last well after the illness or injury has healed. What will happen, is that the nervous system can still be affected by the trauma leaving lingering chronic pains for even several years. 

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is helpful in pain management. It reduces pain, inflammation, and various discomforts due to adverse health conditions. The results are promising and highly effective in chronic pain. It is like a blessing for those who rely on opioids and other medications that end up with side effects.

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

The research on CBD oil is ongoing and some researchers believe the chemical that is naturally found in hemp, marijuana, and other cannabis plants interact with the cell-signaling system of our body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Tiny proteins endocannabinoid receptors attached to the cells in our brain and immune system receive chemical signals from various stimuli and our cells respond accordingly.

Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects are created with the response, and this means that products like CBD oil may give relief from chronic pains. A review was conducted in 2018 to find the same. Studies conducted in the past few decades were considered and examined. It was concluded that CBD oil has no side effects and helps in pain management in various types of pain like cancer pain, neuropathic pain, and fibromyalgia.

Even though it is proven in various researches that CBD oil does not pose significant risks, but certain mild side effects have been noticed in some cases like fatigue, diarrhea, change in weight, and change in appetite.

It is also to note that CBD oil may interact with dietary supplements, prescription medications, and some over-the-counter drugs.

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