CBD Oil Cure Migraine Pain Relief

Migraine headache pains can severely affect your life, in that it can make your existence a living nightmare. This type of pain is excruciating and usually affects the head, forehead, and spread to the eyes as well. The onset of terrible migraine pain can cause severe impairment as you are unable to operate a vehicle, or perform manual duties. 

Enough research is still required to understand how CBD oil provides relief from migraine pain. However, some studies have found positive results when CBD is paired with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Individuals that used Cbd as an alternative treatment for migraine headaches have reported that less intense and less acute pain was experienced.

A study in 2017, was conducted in two phases. Some participants were given a combination of CBD and THC doses while the remaining was given just the THC.

No pain was felt in the phase of THC when the doses were less than 100 mg. With the increase of dose to 200 mg, the pain was witnessed by 55 percent. In the phase of combined CBD and THC, the migraine attacks frequency dropped by 40.4 percent with a 200 mg dose.

This means the effect is more when CBD is mixed with little THC compared to 25 mg of tricyclic antidepressant drug amitriptyline, which reduces the attacks by 40.1 percent. The study also concluded that a combination of CBD and THC provided pain relief to subjects with cluster headaches. However, it is effective only in those participants who had a childhood history of migraines.

CBD Oil Side Effects: It is important to note that most CBD oil does not enter the bloodstream and hence poses no significant risks. The side effects are limited to just fatigue, diarrhea, changes in weight, or changes in appetite. However, CBD oil should be used under proper guidance as it may interact with prescription medications, dietary supplements, or certain OTC drugs.

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