CBD Oil Provides Proven Results in Dogs

About Cannabidiol CBD? This is a product of the Cannabis marijuana plant, once prohibited as a dangerous drug by mainly the USA. The country is reaping most of the financial benefits from the sale of medical marijuana and Cbd health products.

CBD products are available in abundance for human consumption and have been clinically proven to give relief for many illnesses and ailments. It is also available for pets, with most pet owners claiming it provides health benefits. However, there is not enough related evidence or large trials to sustain these claims.

Researchers found it tough to study the hemp-derived CBD legally, as with the 2018 Farm Bill the hemp-derived CBD was not legalized. A couple of trials conducted after legalization concluded with positive results in dogs.

It is warned to ensure the CBD oil for dogs is of a reputable company and it is better if the products have been selected for research by universities. It is never suggested to give raw marijuana to pets. Moreover, it is recommended to take a look at how the CBD is extracted and important to check whether the product has been tested by a third party.

The dog’s symptoms need to be documented with a veterinarian before starting with the first dose of CBD oil. This will help in knowing whether the impact is positive or negative, or whether there is any side effect to worry about.

Apart from all these, the Vet should be well informed that the dog is being given CBD oil. This will help in not prescribing such medications that may interact with CBD oil. It is important to note the results may vary with dogs just like humans. Dogs differ in body size, formulation, interacting medicines, and more.

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