CBD Oil Effective Benefit in Epilepsy Treatment

CBD oil foray into the health industry has given rise to many natural forms of medicated treatments. CBD oil is an effective anti-seizure medication that works well in the treatment of Epilepsy. However, further research is required to determine the benefits and safety of utilizing Cbd products to treat seizures.

Epilepsy is resistant to treatment and associated with increased mortality as well as severe morbidity. Researchers have lately started studying the use of CBD products including CBD oil, even though it has already been proven through numerous clinical researches. Cannabis-based therapies have been used for several decades for treatment.

Placebo-controlled, randomized trials (RCTs) have been conducted using CBD as one of the main ingredients. This is to ascertain the safety of various combinations as well as explore the effects on children suffering from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) and Dravet Syndrome (DS).

The role of placebo response is important to understand the benefits of CBD compared to FDA-approved pharmaceutical agents in the treatment of epilepsy. Some additional evidence of efficacy and safety has been provided by open-label studies using 100mg/ml CBD in children and young adults.

Meanwhile, CBD is also highly effective in providing relief from acute and severe pain. A small study with 29 participants lately concluded with a positive result in noncancer chronic pain. Similar research is needed on a large scale to understand better the benefits and side effects.

The follow-up period in the study was 15 weeks and it is not yet understood whether the same can control long-term pain.

Even though several studies have found CBD oil and other forms of CBD is effective in various treatment, it is warned by experts to use it only under the guidance of doctors to avoid any possible side effects.

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