CBD Oil Useful Cancer Treatment

CBD oil is extracted from marijuana plants and is mainly used as a pain reliever, which is effectively therapeutic. This cannabis extract can work by itself for natural relief without the addition of pharmaceutical drugs. CBD is the main by-product of the Cannabis Sativa plant used in natural healing products. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or terpenes are filtered out to omit the psycho-activity, which leaves users with a euphoric “high”. 

Cbd products that have traces of THC are diluted with hemp seed oil, coconut oil, or other carrier oils. Apart from the use in cancer treatment, CBD oil is used as pain relief, it prevents acne, reduces stress and keeps the human heart healthy, and works as an antidepressant.

CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment Clinical Tests

Several pieces of research have been conducted on mice to study the effects of CBD oil. It is found that the use of cannabis may help in shrinking cancerous tumors. It is yet to be proved in humans. However, as of now, CBD oil has played a key role in managing cancer treatment-related pain.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), CBD can be used in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients like vomiting, pain, and lack of appetite.

A study conducted in 2010, found cannabis extract performed better than opioids in pain management. Oral sprays of the two were used. Another study in 2013, concluded with a similar finding. Many types of research in both studies were common, but more evidence on humans is still required.

It is warned not to use CBD oil without proper guidance as it may interact with dietary supplements, prescription medications, or certain OTC drugs. The oil may also cause diarrhea, fatigue, changes in appetite, and weight changes as well.

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