Is the Hype of CBD Oil Benefits Credible?

Medical use of CBD including CBD oil is in the spotlight even though it is true that a ton of sound data is not available to substantiate that proof. For now, what is available in the limited information of clinical research done, and the testimonies of people that have used medical marijuana and Cbd products.

A small study conducted on individuals suffering from schizophrenia found it is equally helpful as a prescribed drug at alleviating symptoms. This proves that it is wild speculation that marijuana makes schizophrenia symptoms worst. 

However, the study found THC is responsible for the high or hallucinating effect. On the other hand, CBD has a more pleasant and milder propensity. It is also believed the CBD products may have the opposite effect of those involving THC.

Some of the early studies suggest CBD is capable of reducing acute anxiety feelings. This leads to blood flow and positive brain activity changes. Pieces of evidence have been collected from brain imaging scans that prove the effect that CBD has on the cranium.

Trials are in progress in many countries including the United States on how CBD can help in the treatment of bipolar disorder, drug addiction, depression, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Researchers are trying to find out whether CBD products like CBD oil can help in the treatment of cancer. The studies have been successfully carried out in laboratories and trials on humans are yet to take place.

Some CBD oil manufacturers claim their products can help in the treatment of cancer, but there is no substantiated evidence to prove that claim.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved CBD-based Epidiolex drugs used in the treatment of epilepsy in children. It is the first drug approved by FDA that is made directly from a marijuana plant.

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