CBD Oil, Which is Best For You?

It’s a challenge to rank CBD oils. Pretty much every company considers their product as “the best”, “lab tested”, or “organic”. However, these terms have different meanings for each company. Most CBD products are lab-tested by third parties for potency and purity, but without a proper metric, it’s hard to tell what is what. Here are some factors that go into the CBD oil making process to keep in mind when you’re shopping around.

Complementary Ingredients

CBD oils made from pure CBD have the largest following. However, many of the best CBD oils out there are combined with additional ingredients, like turmeric. It’s safe to say that oils with a little extra, so long as the added ingredients have a scientific backing and offer certain benefits, should also be considered. 

Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

Most CBD products claim to be full-spectrum. This simply means they don’t contain any additives, like CBD isolates, making them all-natural. These products usually consist of cannabinoids and terpenes. They often have a recommended dosage of THC, CBN, CBG, and other ingredients as well.

CBD Flavors

Many people love the bright, attractive flavors, and a lot of CBD oils come with that making it a struggle to choose between flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint, and even Orange, etc. Some may believe that only cheap CBD companies add artificial flavors to the oils but this is entirely false. There is a myriad of top-notch companies out there that ensure their products taste and smell great.

Growing Location

Several top companies source their hemp in the United States; however, many get their extracts from hemp grown in Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and several other countries. Whether the hemp was grown on volcanic foothills or farms is essential to the process, so this is a part of the transparency you should look for in choosing a brand.

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