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African Mango Diet Clinical Studies for 2023

The African Mango pills and diet supplements are the latest weight loss crave, and it has even become even more quite popular since 2020.

This weight loss wonder fruit has also been showcased on the Dr. Oz show. Many weight loss reviews and success stories have circulated since it was made popular by Dr. Oz.

However, before you rushed to cop a bottle online or at your nearest health food store, make sure to read up on these clinical reviews to see if the African mango diet will help you lose those stubborn pounds.

Clinical studies implied weight loss advantages
Until now, there are not many clinical examinations that have documented the impacts of African mango on people with weight loss issues. Nonetheless, some clinical trials proposes that African mango may improve the body’s metabolism and prevent the buildup of unwanted fats in the body.

It is also noteworthy to state that the African mango has proven to help treat health problems such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Clinical researchers of Lipids in Health and Disease in 2009, studied a group of participants that tried the African mango consistently for 10 weeks. In their report, it was noted that the participants experienced drastic enhancements in their body weight. Their muscle to fat ratio has also improved. The midsection size, glucose level, and cholesterol levels have also shown significant changes.

African Mango Diet 2008 Clinical Study

Another study previously done by the same group of researchers in 2008, demonstrated that taking African mango supplements and the Cissus herb that has been utilized in Ayurvedic medication for centuries may help battle obesity.  With this combination, 72 very obese individuals tried this mixture for 10 weeks consistently. At the end of the study, it shows that the mixture of Cissus and African mango has helped them tremendously.

The results shows that all participants body weight had decreased, they now boasted more muscles rather than fat, as well as smaller waistlines. In addition, the study showed that their cholesterol levels had improved to the recommended sustainable levels.

Scientists exploring the African mango weight loss claim had done animal testing to prove if this fruit can significantly help people struggling with obesity. So far, their studies has shown that the African mango fight obesity by inhibiting the fatty cells development.

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