Top 4 Best Ways to Use CBD Oil

There are so many ways to use CBD products. However, choosing the best way to use it, for oneself, is a difficult step. It generally boils down to how quickly you want the effects to kick in, but for new consumers, they aren’t so well versed. 

1. Inhaling

Breathing it in is usually the quickest. With this method, CBD travels from your lungs to your circulatory system. This causes the CBD level in your bloodstream to peak in about 30 minutes or less.

2. Putting it under your tongue

By placing it under your tongue, you allow it to be absorbed into your bloodstream right away. Still, this is only the second-quickest technique after inhalation. 

3. Swallowing

While you might think swallowing is a quick way to experience the effects of CBD, it’s one of the least effective methods. This is because swallowing requires the CBD to first pass through your digestive system, then your liver before it can enter your bloodstream. This can take a few hours. 

4. Skin Application

Applying it to your skin regularly implies it just works topically around that area without reaching your bloodstream. The only way for skin application to work quicker, at the moment, is through using transdermal CBD patches. These patches may allow the CBD to penetrate the layers of your skin to enter your bloodstream. 

Finding a consistent ‘bar’ for how long these effects last is difficult. This is because people take different doses and experience different effects from CBD. Another factor to this is that most companies don’t have a universal or standard dose recommendation for their products. 

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