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22 Tips to Fight Corona Virus in 2023

Covid19 is still with us, it has claimed almost 2 million lives so far. It is now 2021, and quite a few effective vaccines are being given to the most vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, and first responders. But don’t get complacent because it will still be a while before this life saving vaccination will be given to the billions of people around entire globe. So, far now still keep your guard up against the coronavirus; protect yourself and your loved ones at all cost.

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Follow these simple steps to fight the Corona virus.

1. Drink lots of water every day to stay hydrated. Do home exercises to stay fit and in shape.

2. Eat a piece of ginger it has loads of medicinal properties, and it wards off the common cold. Ginger is also good at strengthening the body’s immune system.

3. Eat raw garlic to strengthen your immune system. A strong immune system can help to fight the corona virus.

4. Clean everything that has a hard surface with bleach frequently. Studies have shown that the corona virus can survive for up to nine days on hard surfaces. Therefore you must clean those surfaces frequently to kill the virus.

5. Wash dishes and pots with warm bleach water and soap everyday. Do not leave dirty dishes in your sink. Cleanliness is one of your best defense against this corona virus disease.

6. Counter tops in bathroom and kitchen must stay clean, these can be cleaned with a piece of cloth soaked in bleach water and soap.

7. Wipe off the door knobs inside and outside with bleach before you touch them. Use Lysol to spray your home and car.

8. Always wear your mask over your mouth and nose when venturing outside to public places. Limit the amount of time you spend outdoors. Only go out for essential stuffs like food and other necessary items. At this critical point of the corona virus pandemic, it is best to invest in a face shield that you can wear over your mask.

9. Don’t stand close to anyone especially if they are coughing or sneezing. Stand at least 5 feet from the closest person to you.  Do not shake the hands of anyone – it is not a good idea at this time. Avoid crowds and all social events.

10. Don’t sneeze on anyone. Likewise, do not let anyone sneeze on you.  Make sure to put your head in your shirt, or in the fold of your arm when you sneeze. Carry tissue or napkins to sneeze in then make sure to flush the tissue after use if at the house. On the road throw it in the nearest trash can.

11. Wear gloves to go outside to avoid touching anything that is infected.  Do not touch your face with your hands. Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes, those are the favored entry points for the corona virus.

12. Take your rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer with you in your backpack or purse, use it to wipe your hands if you touch anything. And your face if anyone sneeze close to you.

13. Wear your rain coat or long jacket over your clothes and a hat to go outside per my trusted Chinese friend of 17 years.

14. When you get back to the house go straight to the patio and leave the jacket, gloves and mask outside so the sun can kill the virus. Or to prevent unknowingly inviting the virus into your home.

15. Wash your hands all the way up to your shoulders with a antibacterial soap and wipe them with alcohol. Don’t forget to scrub your nails with a small brush to get all dirt and contaminants off. An old toothbrush will work just great.

16. Wipe off the door knob with rubbing alcohol or bleach before touching it with your bare hands.

17. Stay home and watch TV. Now is really not the time to be Ms. or Mr. Social Influencer.

18. Stock up on food items so you don’t have to go out frequently. Take time with the food you have in stock so it can last longer.  If you are overweight now is a good time to limit your food intake, so that you can shed the extra pounds you’ve been working so hard to get rid of.

19. The first onset of a flu like symptom take some over the counter cold and flu medicine such as Tylenol cold and flu capsules.

20. Keep the corona virus hotline number on speed dial. Get to a medical facility asap once you’ve experienced difficulty breathing or severe chest pain.

21. Family and friends telephone number for support.

22. Don’t panic. Stay calm…. The Corona virus can be tamed.

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