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Corona-Virus Survival Strategies for 2023

Testing for Coronavirus

The corona virus has menacingly taken over our lives. Its vengeance is devastating. The entire world its captive prisoners. But you can know your status before its too late. Test today, in your home, for Coronavirus symptoms.

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How to survive the deadly Covid 19 virus.
Things you will need to defeat the Corona virus. 

. Plenty of drinking water.

Keep your body hydrated by drinking at least 4 glasses of water. The recommended daily amount is 8 glasses, each should be 8 ounces.

. Ginger -It has loads of antioxidants.

Ginger has many beneficial properties that is useful for our body. You can use ginger to help boost your immune system. Strengthening your immune system is pivotal in warding off the corona virus that has claimed almost a million lives so far.

. Garlic cloves to strengthen your immune system, best if eaten raw.

Garlic is filled with medicinal properties that are potent immune system strengthener. This organic product is often used to combat the common cold as well as help in the reduction of high blood pressure. Garlic is also noted for its usage in the lowering of high cholesterol and helping in the prevention of diseases associated with the heart.

. Tylenol cold and flu over the counter medication.

If you wake up feeling achy you will need something that will help alleviate symptoms associated with the common cold or fever. The use of any over the counter acetaminophen can be used for the temporary relief of sinusitis, cough, headache, body aches, fever, stuffy nose and chest congestion. However, if these symptoms continue you might want to get to the nearest medical facility to get a Covid-19 test.

. Hand sanitizer – Anti bacterial soap.

In this Covid 19 era a Hand sanitizer is a must have, with corona virus on the loose a hand antiseptic plays a critical role in containing the the spread of this virus. Hand disinfectant can be bought online or at your neighorhood stores. But some people have opted to make their owne hand rub, which often contains aloe vera gel and alcohol. Hand sanitizer can be found in liquid, foam or gel, and all have the capacity to clean infectious agents like germs and viruses from the hands. With the current COVID19 pandemic it is best to also practice hand washing often by using soap and water.

. Rubbing Alcohol

This antiseptic agent is now a much sought after virus killing agent. Cleansing the hands with rubbing alcohol that is at least 60 percent has been effective on helping to fight the Corona virus. If you are on the go make sure to travel with a bottle of rubbing alcohol to help keep your hands free of the Covid19 virus. Make sure to clean your hands before touching your face with an isopropyl or ethanol based rubbing alcohol.

. Bleach

 Keep counters clean by using a little bleach to wipe daily. Bleach is often used to kill germs and bacteria. And now it has proven that it works effectively against the Corona Virus. Add a little bleach when doing the dishes, and a little in your laundry should help keep your clothes free of the Corona virus.

. Health mask to cover your nose and mouth in public.

Cover up, this is not the time to look cute. Make sure that your mouth and nose are covered at all times. It has proven that by wearing a face mask to cover your nose and mouth can help prevent you from contracting the deadly Corona virus.

Do not go out to public places without your face mask in tow. Avoid crowded areas and if you must interact with anyone make sure that you are wearing this life saving agent.

. Some cool eyeglasses

Shield your eyes from Corona virus droplets. Yes, this deadly virus can enter your respiratory tract through your eyes as well. If you do not have a face shield you can complement your corona virus fighting attire with a pair of sunglasses along with your face mask that will protect your mouth and nose.

. Gloves – A few pairs to wear in public spaces.

A pair of gloves can shield your hands from the corona virus. When out in public or handling equipment or cash using a pair of gloves will keep your hands free from virus contamination. Always remember to sanitize or wash your hands once you have removed your gloves.

. A long overcoat (Per friend in China).

With the Corona virus infiltrating our lives, now is definitely not the time to look cute. Wear long sleeves or an overcoat to ward off the corona virus from touching your skin. A pair of jeans and some sneakers will help block this virus from attaching itself to your body. Leave the clothes you wear in public in the garage, or leave them on the patio to prevent inviting Covid19 into your home.

. Food (as much as you can store).

Food is the most essential item these days. Make sure to purchased enough food items that will last for a while. Limiting your time in public spaces is an essential suvival strategy right now. Shop online for foods and other necessities at Amazon, Walmart, Target and other online stores that sells food items.

. Television, Laptop, Cellphone

Entertainment gadgets are a must have to help take away the Corona blues, as you hunkered down and wait for a cure, or even a vacine that can stand up to the tentacles of the corona virus. And especially with the kids at home riding out this pandemic you will need to keep them from falling into a crevice of gloom.

. The local health care facility on speed dial

When corona virus attacks you must be ready to fight back. Make sure that you have a designated corona virus telephone number on speed dial. You will have to get to the nearest facility if diagnosed with the Covid19 virus. The sooner you get treatment is the best chance of surviving this pandemic.

 . A good sense of humor. Stay positive.

Covid19 is a terrible virus we all know that by now. But while it has forced us to unwillingly changed the way we live, it has also helped us be closer to the ones we love dearly.

Enjoy your family. Create activities that you can do inside as well as in your backyard. Share love, laughter and happiness with each other.

. A whole lot of patience.

How long will the corona virus last for? Nobody knows at this time. It could be a year or two, or maybe longer. Our scientists are working to get a vaccine, and medical experts risked their lives to save us from the deadly corona virus . Patience is the only way to ride out this storm. For now Miss Covid 19 (corona virus) has the upper hand.

. Lysol to refresh and sterilize your spaces.

Always keep a couple cans of Lysol on hand. Spray your home daily to keep the corona virus at bay. If you should have visitors, which is highly unlikely at this time, spray them from head to toe before they enter your home.

Keep a can in your car so that you can spray yourself and your family once you are about to reenter your vehicle.

Please do not forget the Lysol. Spray even your family members once they leave the home, and about to re-enter.

Stay safe. Cherish your love ones.

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