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Can you buy erectile dysfunction medication over the counter?

What is erectile dysfunction or impotence? This is an age old question that no adult male would like to experience. However, in 2021 that question is still being asked by men that have recently developed that sexual condition. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is lacking the ability to maintain an erection for an extended period. This article will explore erectile dysfunction causes as well as erectile dysfunction cure, products and aids.

It is like the end of the world at the mere mention of these two little words ‘ Erectile Dysfunction‘. However, finally accepting that you are suffering from this embarrassing situation is the first step to correct it. Impotence or erectile dysfunction does not happen overnight, it is a gradual process that you will recognize overtime. You can immediately reach out to your doctor who will diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment.

ED or Erectile dysfunction occurs when an adult male is unable to maintain an erection for an extended period. This problem is prevalent with older men, but is also noticeable with men as young as 18 years. There are several factors associated with impotence such as age, illnesses, medication side effects, alcoholism, and the abuse of illegal substances.

Satisfaction is your ultimate goal. However, when you are unable to perform satisfactorily it can be an embarrassing situation. This lack of performance can lead to marital or relationship problems. Your partner can also seek satisfaction elsewhere.

Erectile dysfunction causes

Anxiety, Stress and Impotence

Living or working in a stressful environment can cause Erectile dysfunction. You will develop apprehension to your everyday activities, which will leave you feeling stressed out. Once you are experiencing extreme duress you will be unable to participate or enjoy any pleasurable activity. Your overall performance will also be affected from stress and anxiety.

Diabetes Can Cause Impotence

Additionally, there are several chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure that damages your nerves. Blood flow will lessen as the damaged nerves are unable to sustain an erection for an extended period.

Does Alcoholism Causes Your Impotence

An over indulgence of alcohol is another factor that can cause you to suffer from impotence or ED. The consumption of alcoholic beverages will become the most important thing in your life. Your partner will not matter anymore, because your addiction is now your primary concern. Furthermore, your alcoholism will ultimately deprive you of enjoying pleasurable relations.

Impotence Doesn’t Only Affect Older Men

This disease was once said to only affect aging men, but studies conducted over the years have proven that it also affect teenagers as young as 18 years old. While this condition is more prevalent with older men, it also affects men in their 30s and 40s. Those who have experienced a decline in sexual arousal have used erectile dysfunction drugs to cure the problem. However, many have opted for a more holistic approach by using herbal supplements to help regain their sex drive.

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

Excessive body fat can also stop you from enjoying sexual encounters. When you are extremely overweight you will lack the ability to maintain your energy level. This will adversely impact your sex life. However, you can re-energize your ability to perform by taking part in weight loss activities. Once you have lost the excessive weight, you will physically and sexually enhance your over all well-being.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

Types of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

There are many treatments available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The main erectile dysfunction pills are these three drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Click Here.

However, there are also erectile dysfunction treatments that are herbal alternatives that will effectively treat your ED. Some foods have also proven to be rich in certain nutrients, which can help those suffering from impotence. Erectile dysfunction aids are all over the internet.

Where can I buy erectile dysfunction pills?

Click here for erectile dysfunction pills for sex on Amazon. And other aids such as erectile dysfunction pump and even erectile dysfunction cream for men.

The internet is filled with articles about erectile dysfunction symptoms and cure. You can utilize these free resources to help eradicate it, and regain your manhood. Finally, accepting your situation and doing something to fix it is the key to your sexual happiness. Having the prowess to perform satisfactorily, in the bedroom, is the ultimate goal of every adult male.

Can covid cause erectile dysfunction?

Covid19 related erectile dysfunction? Yes, it can happen! A medical study shows that survivors of the coronavirus can develop erectile dysfunction (ED). Highlighted in the research are the three factors that men who survived the virus can developed.

  • Vascular effects – Poor erectile function is linked to heart disease, since both the reproductive and vascular system share the same connection. Covide19 is known to cause hyper-inflamation in a victim’s body, attacking the heart and the muscles surrounding it. Therefore the narrowing or completely blocking of the penis blood supply can worsen vascular problems and cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Psychological impact – Sexual activity can impact your mental state. With covid19, men can experience a high level of stress, depression and anxiety. Medical studies have shown that the coronavirus can heighten poor mood for sex, and can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Health deterioration – ED can highlight that there is an underlying health problem. Males that develop ED usually have other health issues. Covid19 survivors severe reaction from the virus creates a plethora of poor health issues such as impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Reports highlight that healthy young males that have contracted the coronavirus, and recently develop erectile dysfunction may have more serious health issues. So, if abruptly you developed erectile dysfunction, there’s a problem with your overall health, according to Ryan Berglund, MD.

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