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10 Breast Milk Benefits And Storage for 2023

Breast milk benefits to baby

Every mother on this planet has heard the saying, “The breast is best.” Also, clinical studies have shown that breastfed babies are academically smarter than babies fed with formulas. Therefore, the reasons why you should give your baby the breast are; Better IQs, Motor Skills, and Superb Cognitive Recognition.

About breast milk jaundice

At the first week after being born a healthy breastfed baby my developed a condition termed as “breast milk jaundice.” This often occurs when the newborn doesn’t get a sufficient amount of breast milk.

How long can breast milk jaundice last?

Breast milk jaundice spontaneously resolves after the first or second week of a newborn’s life, even while the child is still being breastfed. Notably, in some instances breast milk jaundice can take as long as 8-12 weeks to cure.

Breast milk benefits for infants

Did you know that Centuries ago, young mothers only nurtured their newborns with the nutritious breast milk? Infants, in those days, enjoyed its nutritious value that was chock full of antibodies and essential nutrients. However, many expectant moms today, even before their first trimester have already decided to forego the old traditional way. Modern-day thinking is based on what society embodies as the ideal person. Thus expectant mothers are fearful of losing their figure to the dreaded weight gain and sagging breasts syndrome.

But, while some new mothers have opted for the alternative supplements popping up on the market, they have failed to realize the nutritional value of breast milk. Simply, the breast is best, and its milk cannot be substituted or replicated! Breast milk has always proved its nutritional value for the proper development and growth of children.

Breast Milk Unsubstituted Nutrients:

Nutritional water- Breast milk has a large volume of free water.
Proteins – It contains 75% of necessary substances like nucleotides, amino acids, peptides, urea and not to mention a unique makeup of the mother’s DNA.

Fats – Polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids.
Carbohydrates – A high concentration of lactose, is the principal carbohydrate found in breast milk.

Human Milk also has trace elements, minerals, and vitamins that are micro-nutrients; these are essentially the best supplements for premature as well as full-term babies.

Breast milk how to store?

There are many questions about Breast milk storeage? You can store breast milk in jars or storage bags. Breast milk can be stored for as little as 4 hours, or as long as 9 months. See the chart below to know how long you could store breast milk before you should discard it.

Where to buy breast milk storage bags?

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Breast milk benefits for premature babies

An article online by The Journal of Pediatrics recommended that mother’s milk is essentially better for premature babies in neonatal care centers. The co-author and physician, Dr. Mandy Brown Belfort stated that breast milk brings closeness to the infant and mother. Families and friends can also help alleviate the pressure as well as provides needed support to the parents during stressful times.

The Brigham Hospital researchers studied several infants, who were born prematurely before the 30 weeks gestation. These premises were then enrolled between 2001- 2003 in the Victorian Infant Brain Studies (VIBES). This program researches and documented the first month of neurological development and Neuro-behavior in premature babies born at 32-42 weeks gestation.

Breast milk effect on brain

Another released study has proven that Infants breastfed for at least the first month of life have performed at a higher level than formula-fed newborns. This new study continues to highlight that the breast is the best nutrition for babies. Academically, these youngsters are more accomplished and displayed better IQs and motor skills. Furthermore, they can easily interpret and understand cognitive psychology as well as acknowledged speech or language at an early age.

Additionally, the study determines that infants, who received even 50 percent of breast milk for the first 28 days developed a larger brain mass. This appears significantly larger than non-breastfed babies when examined by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Breast milk benefits after 1 year

The researchers also discovered that babies that received an overwhelming amount of breast milk demonstrated that certain parts of the brain had a larger volume of gray matter. This, they said, is essential for preparing and transmitting neural signals to different parts of the cerebrum.

The study also shows these children by age seven do better academically than newborns fed with artificial formulas. It also highlights that they possessed better IQs, motor skills, and superb cognitive recognition.
Dr. Belfort acknowledges that several mothers with pre-term babies are unable to impact their children’s advancement because they do not produce enough milk.

The doctor said it is essential to set up support networks that can bolster the capacity of these mothers to meet their desired objectives.
While the study is observational, the group of researchers stated that many variables were considered.

Breast milk on the brain and human development

The contrasts in maternal training were observed by the interaction with mothers and newborns. However, this discovery is only a part of the equation of breast milk beneficial impact on human beings.

Accordingly, future magnetic resonance imaging and other procedural studies should offer essential data. Undoubtedly, these ongoing studies continue to shed light on breast milk and its effects on the human brain.

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