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Foundation Makeup – 16 Steps Tutorial for 2023

Best full coverage foundation

Foundation makeup comes in two forms – liquid foundation and powder foundation. Apply makeup foundation to begin your general look. It is the basic factor when starting your makeup application. Іt is quite necessary, unless you have flawless skin, to соvеr іmреrfесtіоns such as blemishes from acne scars.

Foundation makeup when applied will leave your face with a smooth and even complexion look. Your foundation is absolutely necessary, it makes a lot of difference when you are looking for a smooth and flawless look. Just as you wouldn’t put on your eye makeup without applying a base, that’s the same way you cannot complete your makeup look without first applying a liquid, or powder foundation that will hide all your imperfections from glaring eyes.

Best foundation – Get a known brand

Тhе quality оf your foundation is very important. The bаsе mаkеs lots of dіffеrеnсе for the best look. At the end of your makeup application, іt should lооk smooth оn your fасе, not caked up or blotchy.

Price will make or break your look, so chose wisely, the cost usually will make a huge difference, but in this instance being cheap can leave you looking ugly. Don’t ever gamble with your foundation makeup, cheaper brands definitely will give you a cheapen look.

Chose quality over quantity – Better renowned foundation brands always contain good quality moisturizers, skin protectors from the sun and other harmful skin radicals. Most of all, popular brands have lots of great reviews from verified buyers. They will also have less chemical compounds, if any at all, overall they are absolutely better for protecting your skin.

Foundation with spf – Powder sunscreen

Spf protection – Surely you have heard how damaging the sun is on your skin. This is reason enough for you to make sure that the foundation makeup you invest in has SPF sun protection. Summer brings out the short shorts, tank tops and short skirts, not to mention the swim suits and lazy days at the beach. This is the time when Spf protection is absolutely necessary to prevent the sun’s friendly but harmful rays from damaging your skin.

Best foundation for dry skin

Choose the foundation makeup that works for your skin type. You must first ascertain if your skin is oily or dry. Try out those makeup counter, where you can get a free makeover, in major department stores at your neighborhood mall. The makeup artist will definitely let you know your skin type – Best of all it is free.

Age is a major factor when it comes to selecting the best foundation makeup. All women have different skin types, so chose age wise. At 18 and 20’s the skin is younger and glowing. At 35 and older the skin tends to start loosing its glowing luster and tends to become dry.

With the best foundation for dry skin, you will need a foundation makeup that covers lightly, and also has age defying properties listed on it. Women over 40 should not use powder foundation, it will get into the wrinkles and make them even more visible. A cream base or liquid foundation, when applied properly, is the most appropriate choice. Age defying foundation will make you look younger not older.

Best foundation for oily skin

Knowing your skin type will make all the difference in selecting the best foundation makeup. For a oily face you should select only the best foundation for oily skin types. Surely you don’t want to wear one that will make your skin appear more greasier than Kentucky’s fried chicken legs.

With oily skin select a foundation makeup that is created for people with oily skin. Read you labels before purchasing, make sure the brand you chose states for oily skin. A brand that is created for dry skin and has extra moisturizer properties works best for oily skin.

How to apply foundation
Oily Skin – Combination dry and oily skin – Dry skin
  1. Cleanse face of dirt, grease and other bacteria causing agents. remove all dirt and grease.

2. Exfoliate away dead skin cells to leave your skin looking young and radiant.

3. Moisturizer you skin to add moisture to your skin so it will stay fresh and glowing.

4. When selecting your foundation makeup look for one that has full coverage on the label. You can chose powder or liquid foundation depending on your skin type of dry, oily, or combination that includes a mix of dry and oily skin.

5. A dense brush with a flat top gives the best make-up coverage. Start with a quarter or nickel size amount of foundation makeup. Dip your brush and start at your nose make sure to get the creases as well, then apply to your cheeks. Apply lightly along the the chin and the borders of your face.

6. Do not forget the that little area above your top lip, and below the bottom lip. Don’t apply to your laugh lines as yet.

7. No eye concealer? No problem! Dot a little foundation makeup at the darkest parts of the eye. Apply lightly to the eyelids as well, and the brow bone.

8. Apply to your forehead and along the hairline. You should now have almost full coverage foundation except for the laugh lines by your mouth.

9. Work upwards from your jawline to blend the foundation to the top half of your face. Then slightly brush downwards to blend in the neck area and by the ears.

10. Lightly brush to distribute evenly all over the face, use a little excess on problem areas. Now you will work on your laugh lines with just a tiny amount of foundation to prevent unsightly creasing.

11. Using your brush employed a circular motion to blur out imperfections, and remove any excess foundation. Circular motions with your makeup brush will blend your foundation perfectly leave you with a natural texture. Do this about 2-3 times over the entire face, your hairline, eyes, eyelids, jawlines, neck and chin until you get the perfect look.

12. Apply your blush, cream highlighter, and contour to your face.

13. Foundation setting is a must, it will only takes about 3-5 minutes to set. Use a piece of tissue to blot your entire face. If you have large pores you should avoid your nose. Make sure to buff creased areas where excessive foundation may collect with your makeup brush.

14. Now its time to do your loose powder application. Use a powder puff to apply and blend it into your skin.

15. Your bronzer, blush, contour and other powder products should be added next and blended well. Let all set for about 5-7 minutes to achieve a smooth porcelain skin look.

16. You can tone down your makeup application to a sheer look by using a dampen makeup brush. First you should clean your brush of excess makeup that cakes to its bristles, then used the damp brush to slightly go over your makeup. Blot then set as usual. Now you are ready to show your beautiful you to the entire globe.

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