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How to Apply Makeup -15 Steps Tutorial for 2023

Makeup Ideas Application Tips and Guide
  1. Cleanse your face to remove all dirt and grease. You should only apply foundation and all facial makeup on a clean face. Dirt and grease leaves harmful bacteria on your skin. Yikes – You surely wants to remove them. Use a mild cleanser that has extra moisturizer that will keep your skin fresh and glowing.

2. You want you foundation to look great – Right? Make sure to exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells that will leave your makeup looking blotchy. By exfoliating your skin, younger skin layers will be revealed. And who doesn’t want to have longer looking skin?

Always use a toner to remove any hard to remove old makeup, dirt and oils. Rinse face with barely warm water then add extra moisturizer to replenish your skin’s moisture.

3. Grab your powder or liquid foundation – Always choose full coverage foundations. These are suitable for every skin types, whether oily, dry or in between. Do not use more than the amount that equals the size of a quarter for that sheer finish. You can pour this in your makeup palette or use the back of your hand.

4. A flat top brush that is dense is needed for the best makeup coverage. After dipping the brush in the foundation lightly dot your nose, both cheeks along with the borders of the face, and chin.

5. Your foundation makeup application starts at the nose, brush into those small tight creases then move outwards to the cheeks and the the borders of your face. Apply foundation from the center of your face and work outwards. The same process applies for the chin.

6. Work it baby! Make sure to lightly brush below your nose, that little area above the lips and below your mouth. You will avoid your laugh lines at all cost.

7. Some people use concealers on the eye while some opt for using foundation. If you have no eye concealer you could use your brush with a little bit of foundation makeup to dot lightly the darkest corners of your . eyes. Apply on the eyelids as well and the brow bone.

8. Take a little of the foundation makeup left on your palette and work it across your forehead. Don’t forget to dab some on your hairline. After this application your entire face should be covered with foundation, except the laugh lines around your mouth.

9. For a complete look you should blend your foundation from your jawline to the top of your face. The neck area should not be neglected, so make sure to work downwards as well to evenly cover the neck area, and that little area by the ears, which oftentimes we tend to forget.

10. Blend your foundation makeup so it is evenly distributed, even on areas that are problem prone. To cover your laugh lines use just a tiny amount of foundation, so that it will not crease into those small lines.

11. Blend out excess foundation and blur out all imperfections with a circular motion of your brush. Two or three times over your entire face should leave you with a natural looking skin blend. The hairline, eyes, jawlines, neck area and chin must not be left out.

12. The foundation applied to your face must set for about 3-5 minutes. Blot excess from your face with some tissue paper. Buff along the creases that will harbor excess foundation makeup. But be certain to avoid your nose if you have enlarged pores.

13. Your loose powders goes on next. This application can be done with a puff to gently blend your makeup. Next up is your blush, cream highlighter, and contour powders or cream.

14. Your bronzer and all powder makeup products are added and blended well into your skin. You want to look your absolute best – Right? To get that smooth porcelain look you should let your makeup sent for 5-7 minutes.

15. Want a more sheer look? You can achieve that by dampening your clean makeup brush with water, then use it to lightly dibble over your makeup. After blotting make sure to let it set. Your lipstick, shimmering lipgloss, eyeliner, and mascara go on next. Go bold if you like. Or subtle if you wish – Now you are one beautiful babe!

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