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4 Rapid Hair Growth You Must Try in 2023

Hair growth products that are overly expensive are priced to pay for their huge advertisement budget – Seriously, they are not in your best interest! So quit utilizing those expensive media hyped up products that they claim will grow your hair.

Did you know that every day you loose hundreds of hair strands? And even more as you get older, especially with men, who once they get to at least 35 years old start losing their hair. Baldness is normal for older men and even with some women that have experienced alopecia.

This hair loss disorder is responsible for interrupting the body’s hair cycle production. Alopecia is more evidently affects the scalp, but other parts if our body tends to experience hair loss as we get older. Especially men that are 50 years old tends to go through the genetic cycle of loosing their hair.

Once your hair line starts receding it simply means you have entered that phase of life. This is really nothing to worry about because it is a natural process that generations of men experienced.

Baldness is hereditary but there are other factors that can lead to hair loss. Medication, stress, imbalanced hormone issues, and even your diet can impact your hair growth.

If you’ve suddenly start losing your hair or already getting used to having your beautiful locks falling out then you hoping to find a miracle hair growth solution at your neighborhood drug store. You are aware of the many advertised quick fix solutions that often times does not work. But luckily, there are a few natural and organic products that can help restore your hair. You just have to find the one of the many treatment for hair loss that works.

Hair Loss Remedies for Rapid Hair Growth

Start early to control baldness by using these very inexpensive products that are already in your cupboard.

1. Egg Yolk, Banana and Honey for hair loss

Honey is blessed with remarkable minerals, its nutrients works well to inhibits your hair from drying out. Thus preventing your hair strands from breakage due which is common with dry hair.

Egg is a regular staple in most hair products because of its unmistakable protein content. Egg assists by fortifying the strength of your hair making it stronger and less easily breakable.

Ripe banana is filed with potassium, sugars and healthy nutrients, it keeps your hair soft and manageable and free of dandruff.

1. Egg yolk

2. Half of a ripe banana

3. 1 table spoon honey

4. 2 teaspoon olive oil

First you should wash your hair to remove dirt and grease. Towel dry the hair to soak up all water. Blend all the ingredients above in a bowl until you get smooth consistency. Apply it evenly to your hair and scalp, massaging as you applied the mixture. Permit your hair to air dry for 30-40 minutes before rinsing the hair with water.

2. Castor Oil and Honey for hair growth

Honey’s rich convergence of nutrients help prevents your hair from breakage because of dryness.

Castor oil has loads of anti fungal properties, it can adequately treat scalp issues and reinforces the hair cells to develop keratin.

1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons castor oil

Blend both ingredients together. After washing the hair use the mixture to saturate the hair and massage the scalp. Cover with a shower cap and leave on for about 20 – 30 minutes. Rinse the hair, towel blot and leave to air dry.

3. Olive oil and cumin seeds for hair growth

Olive oil in its natural organic form is often used for hair growth. Hair cells are reinforced by the beneficial Omega 3 and 6 found in this revolutionary nature’s gifted product. Olive oil when applied to the hair will leave your scalp moisturized and your hair free from breakage.

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

Half cup olive oil

Add olive oil and cumin seeds to a bowl and leave to soak for half an hour, or just a little longer.

You should wash your hair to remove all traces of dirt and grease. Use a towel to remove excess water, then let air dry before applying mixture. Try using this mixture 3 or 4 times in a seven days span. You will be amazed at the beauty and strength of your hair.

4. Rice water hair growth

Rice water contains loads of nutrients that have proven to grow hair quickly. Next time before you throw out that starchy water after washing rice think of how you could try the rice water hair growth challenge. You should try it if you want your hair to be shiny and smooth as well as grow incredibly fast.

Benefits of rice water for extreme hair growth

  1. Works as a hair detangler.
  2. Get smoother beautiful hair.
  3. Healthier lustrous hair with increase shine.
  4. Rice water has nutrients that strengthen the hair.
  5. Promote hair growth with consistent use.
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