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Wholesale Earrings 1800 Sets

Bulk Fashion Jewelry Lots

Buy discount bulk wholesale fashion jewelry, high end bracelets, and necklaces earrings for resale

When you purchase our jewelry shelf pulls from significant USA department stores, you will receive the lowest price on wholesale fashion jewelry of the best quality.

Our collections of stylish jewelry are the ideal treasure hunt! With a little work, jewelry merchants can benefit greatly from this!

1800 Cheap Wholesale Earrings Fashion Jewelry

Get the cheapest price on wholesale fashion Jewelry when you buy our jewelry returns mixed with shelf pulls from major USA department stores.

Our fashion jewelry lots are a perfect treasure hunt! This is a profit gold mine for jewelry sellers with a little effort!

Stock your shop with a beautiful variety of earrings from major department sores!

The cost to produce these earrings is higher than the price we are asking!

Numerous designs, including hoops, studs, dangles, wood, metal, glass, lucite, and many more!

Perfect for any small business, online stores, flea markets and garage sale

Weight 40 kg
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