Wholesale Fashion Jewelry – 100 Pounds


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100 Pounds Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Lots

Buy discount fashion jewelry, high end bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings for resale

When you purchase our jewelry shelf pulls from significant USA department stores, you will receive the lowest price on wholesale fashion jewelry of the best quality.

Our collections of stylish jewelry are the ideal treasure hunt! With a little work, jewelry merchants can benefit greatly from this bulk wholesale jewelry lot.

Get a ton of jewelry in our 100-poundsĀ  lot.

100 Pounds Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Get the cheapest price on wholesale fashion Jewelry when you buy our jewelry returns mixed with shelf pulls from major USA department stores.

Our fashion jewelry lots are a perfect treasure hunt! This is a profit gold mine for jewelry sellers with a little effort! You will get so much jewelry in our 40 pounds lot.

Please take note the jewelry are department store returned merchandise. Most of the brands are designer names: Erica Lyons, Express, Macy’s, Sonoma, Vetta, Charming Charlie, Target, Kohls and other top brands.

There are sterling silver and gold overlay earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even some with rhinestones.

Condition: Major Department store returns and overstock.

Lot: 100 Pounds.


Weight 40 kg
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