Wholesale Fashion Rings For Women 1000+ Pieces


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1050 Women’s Designer Fashion Rings

Brand new cheap wholesale prices on women’s design rings that are charming and uniquely beautiful.

Stock your retail location with these lovely rings that are suitable for daily wear and women’s trendy jewelry. Or is the perfect present for holidays, birthdays, and other special events.

USA Sizes 6 to 10, Adults and Teenagers.

Various Stylish Designs, Wide Selection

Wholesale  Assorted Designer Fashion Rings For Women

1050 Charming women’s fashion rings

Stock your store with these beautiful women’s fashion jewelry rings that are appropriate for everyday wear. Or makes the ideal gift for Christmas, Birthdays and other special occasions.

-Variety of Stylish Designs, Vast Selections
-USA Sizes 6 to 10, Adults And Teenagers

Approximate Quantity : 1050

Condition: Brand New

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